Vietnamese-Style Beef & Noodle Broth

Vietnamese-Style Beef & Noodle Broth

2 teaspoons canola oil
1 pound beef flank steak, very thinly sliced against the grain (see Tip)
4 cups chopped bok choy, (1 small head, about 1 pound)
4 cups reduced-sodium chicken broth
1 cup water
4 ounces wide rice noodles
2 teaspoons reduced-sodium soy sauce
1 1/2 cups mung bean sprouts
4 tablespoons chopped fresh basil, or to taste

Heat oil in a Dutch oven or soup pot over high heat. Add beef and cook, stirring often, until just cooked, about 2 minutes. Transfer to a plate using tongs, leaving the juices in the pot.

Add bok choy to the pot and cook, stirring, until wilted, about 2 minutes. Add broth and water, cover and bring to a boil. Add noodles and soy sauce; simmer until the noodles are soft, about 4 minutes. Return the beef to the pot and cook until heated through, 1 to 2 minutes more. Ladle into bowls and sprinkle with bean sprouts and basil. Serve hot.

Slow Cooker Beer Pulled Pork

Slow Cooker Beer Pulled Pork

1 (5 pound) pork butt roast

2 teaspoons salt

1 teaspoon ground black pepper

1 teaspoon onion powder

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 (12 fluid ounce) can beer or Cider

1 (12 ounce) bottle barbecue sauce (such as Sweet Baby Ray’s®)

Set the slow cooker to High.

Place the pork in the slow cooker. Season top of pork with salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder. Pour beer into the bottom of the slow cooker and place the lid on the slow cooker crock.

Cook pork on High for 1 hour.

Reduce slow cooker heat to Low and cook for at least 8 hours or overnight.

Remove pork from the slow cooker and shred with two forks.

Discard juices and rinse out slow cooker crock. Return shredded pork to slow cooker and stir barbecue sauce into pork.

Cook on Medium for 1 hour.

Additional Notes: I use a sharp knife and punch holes in the meat then I add cloves of garlic into the slits/holes then add a cup of Worcestershire sauce and let that soak overnight in a Ziploc baggie,  in the morning disregard the Worcestershire sauce and cook according to above recipe.

Mango and Paprika Pork Chops

Mango and Paprika Pork Chops

4 boneless pork chops (about 1 1/2 lbs.)
2 to 3 tsp. hot Hungarian paprika
1 teaspoon kosher salt, divided
1 teaspoon pepper, divided
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 large mango (about 1 lb.), peeled and cubed
1/2 red onion, cut into thin wedges
1 green bell pepper, sliced
1/4 cup cilantro leaves

Heat oven to 375°. Pat pork chops dry and sprinkle both sides with paprika and 1/2 tsp. each salt and pepper.

Heat oil in a large ovenproof frying pan over medium-high heat. Brown pork chops on both sides, about 6 minutes. Transfer to a plate.

Add mango, onion, bell pepper, and remaining 1/2 tsp. each salt and pepper to pan. Cook, stirring often, until softened, about 5 minutes.

Set pork chops on top of mango and bake until meat is no longer pink in center, 8 to 10 minutes. Serve pork and mango over cooked couscous and sprinkle with cilantro.

Big Papi’s Memphis Dry Rub Barbecue Chicken Breast

Big Papi’s Memphis Dry Rub Barbecue Chicken Breast

3 tablespoons coriander
2 tablespoons cumin
1 Tablespoon dry mustard
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup White sugar
1/2 cup paprika
1 tablespoon ground black pepper
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon chili powder
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon onion powder
1 teaspoon cayenne or chipotle pepper (optional)
4 Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast

Combine all ingredients   Rub on chicken directly or coat in a plastic storage bag.
Make sure chicken is dry before applying.
let sit for 30 to 45 minutes before grilling or smoking the meat.

Place the breast on the hottest part of the grill and don’t touch them for about 2 – 3 minutes.
People always ask me how long to grill chicken. The answer has a lot of variables, but the chicken will actually tell you.  you can actually tell that the chicken breast is cooking through, they will get more and more opaque as they cook. Wait until the opaqueness is showing through to the middle of the chicken and then it is time to flip. If you try to flip them too quickly, they will stick to the grill.

Using tongs, lift each breast, rotate 45 degrees and then place them back on the grill. Presentation is half the battle and this will create some impressive grill marks!

After 2 to 4 minutes, lift the chicken breasts with tongs and flip them over.
Grill for 2 more minutes and then rotate again 45 degrees to make our grill marks on this side.

Continue grilling for another 2 to 4 minutes and you should be done!  Again, to be sure, use a good instant-read thermometer like the Thermapen,  For thicker breasts, you may need to close the lid for 5 minutes or so to cook them all of the way through.

Remove the chicken breasts from the grill and place on a plate to rest  for about 4-5 minutes before serving.

Salvadoran Chorizo Grinders with Spicy Salsa

Salvadoran Chorizo Grinders with Spicy Salsa

4 fresh chorizo sausages (about 1 pound)
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
One 16-ounce bag frozen pepper stir-fry, thawed
One 16-ounce jar salsa
2 chipotles in adobo sauce, chopped
1 tablespoon adobo sauce, from the jar of chipotle peppers
1 tablespoon lime juice
4 hero rolls
2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro, optional
6 slices of Provolone Cheese (Cut in half)

Preheat a grill to medium heat.

Place the sausages on the grill. Use tongs to turn the links often, every 4 to 6 minutes. Cook until golden brown, 20 to 25 minutes. Make sure to close the grill lid between turnings.

Place a large cast-iron skillet on the side burner of the grill over medium-high heat. (If your grill does not have a side burner, then place a cast-iron skillet onto the grill when you go to preheat the grill.) Add the olive oil and pepper stir-fry and cook until the peppers are soft, about 5 minutes.

Put the salsa into a bowl. Stir in the chipotles, adobo sauce and lime juice.

Put a chorizo onto each roll and divide the pepper mixture evenly among the rolls. Top with the spicy salsa, top each with 3 slices of cheese, garnish with cilantro place under broiler until cheese is melted.

Tonight I’m serving with slices of avocado and mango.